Top 5 UK Hen Destinations

Ah good old Blighty! It may rain most of the year and has the worst public transport system in the whole of Europe but for many of us its home. So to celebrate this fact, we here at Hen Heaven have decided to list our top selling and most popular UK hen destinations…


Hen weekends in Newcastle – you can’t beat them! a firm favourite with all our hens, Newcastle itself is well known for its “party hard” mentality and approachable Geordie locals (well most of them anyway!) The combination of these two elements makes for a great hen weekend. So whether you and the girls fancy a day of cheeky Burlesque lessons or an evening of queue jumping clubbing by the trendy Quayside area, this city is definitely the best place to enjoy a fun and flirty hen weekend.


It’s been said that there are more bars per square meter in Bournemouth than there are in London, which makes this delightful seaside town one of the best places to enjoy a cocktail induced hen do!  However it’s not all about drinking (quelle horreur!) Oh no, there’s plenty to do during the daytime too! Such as cheerleading (yes we’re being serious) and spa days. However if you’re all about the night life then prepare to don your highest heels, because it doesn’t take long to totter from one bar to another in this fine city.


Without a doubt Brighton is the hen party city. Colourful and a little bit naughty Brighton is a great place for fun loving hens who want to live life on the cheeky side (if only for a night!) The party scene in this seaside city is the stuff of legends and (so we’re told by our hens) the men in this city are mighty fine. Must be the sea air or the fact that we send flocks of our giggling hens to the Adonis cabaret troupe every week! Either way Brighton is and will probably remain our top hen do destination.


The reigning queen of all UK hen parties, London has a fantastic assortment of activities to choose from. So if you’re looking for hen do ideas, then how does world class theatre shows, sultry pole dancing lessons and VIP boat parties sound? Good? Good! Because trust us, there’s that and so much more in London! There’s also more bars and clubs than you can shake a stick at, so if an evening of decadent night of sipping cocktails and showing off your new shoes on the dance floor is in order. Then grab your bags and head to the big smoke, because we guarantee you – you’ll have a weekend to remember!


Considered to be “the London of the north” Manchester is a sinfully good city for nightlife. The city is split into several districts which means that it’s capable of catering to various different tastes.  So whether you prefer a more chilled out Boho vibe or a more cosmopolitan swing to things, every flavour of hen we’ve sent there has never had a bad thing to say about it. Maybe it’s the roller discos, the private cinema screenings or the world class shopping? Whatever it is, it’s making this city a constantly visited destination!

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