Location Focus – Bournemouth hen weekends

Over the years we’ve heard many boyfriends/husbands and friends say that they’re off on a Bournemouth stag do.  The seaside city is practically famous for its stag dos; however we think that it’s mighty unfair that the stags get to have this sandy beached town all to themselves and whilst some hens visit this fun-filled town. Not enough do and we think it’s a right shame.  After all, it’s got a beach (a sandy one at that!) some fab restaurants and great nightlife. So to help those of you who are not convinced, we’ve listed our top 3 favourite thing to do on a Bournemouth hen do.


Cocktail making

Sex on the beach (don’t be filthy!) Cosmopolitans, Mojitos… So many drinks so little time, how do you choose between them all? Well during this fun-filled hen activity you won’t have to as you’ll be making a selection of delicious cocktails with the help of an expert mixologist.  Shake, stir and learn how to serve up a selection of fantastic drinks. This activity is sure to get everybody giggling!


Spa day

Not exactly what you think of when you go to a beach destination but it makes perfect sense if you think about it! After all, why not get your toes, nails and body scrubbed and massaged in preparation for a day at the beach? That way your tan will last longer and you’ll be feeling groomed and beautiful to boot. Admittedly not a radical new activity but everybody loves a pamper day!



Get ready to shake those pom poms girls (don’t be rude!) because after we visited Bournemouth and did this cheeky activity we talked about it non-stop for a week! Reminiscent of the brilliant 90’s film “Bring it on” you and your hens get to practice a cheer routine and perform it complete with props. Great fun and not your conventional hen party activity – this is a great way to get everybody in high spirits.