The Thinking Man’s Stag Weekend

There are so many preconceptions and clichés based around stag weekends, many of which are perpetuated by pop-culture references in films like The Hangover and Very Bad Things. In these films men are seen to be wild, off-the-leash dogs guzzling beer and ogling women, depictions that aren’t always fair as new breeds of stag weekends are suggesting. Sure, many packages offered on stag weekend organiser’s websites focus their emphasis on strip clubs and the nightclub scenes of the respective cities offered, but it doesn’t start and stop on the 10 pint and whispers of ladies flesh platitudes.

For the thinking man’s stag weekend ideas, more focused on brotherhood and experience-based activities that elevate the groom’s last weekend of freedom above the quagmire of vice, look no further:


Coasteering offers the opportunity to scale a cliff-side with friends, dipping into the sea and exploring caves in a wet-suit. You’ll abseil and help eachother as you conquer the elements in this fantastic activity that offers a unique experience in teamwork and adrenalin. As an exercise in getting back in touch with your inner-child, Coasteering is perfect for getting you back into the mind-frame of family holidays of yore for a nostalgic, but most of all, fun, stag party.


Stag Weekend Activities



In keeping with the aquatic theme, fishing is another wonderful activity for the day of your stag weekend. After being provided with all of the equipment you’ll be pitted against the seas to catch a whopper – just perfect for a chilled out day and the ideal opportunity to catch up with the friends you might not get to see all of the time. So many stag dos are spent trudging from activity to activity which can leave you feeling as though you haven’t even see the friends you arranged the weekend to see – fishing allows that catch up time, along with a neat little activity to sit at the side.


Stag Weekend Ideas



Take to the skies and really experience something together with sky-diving, the exhilarating adrenalin sport that would form memories that would stick with you for a lifetime. After expert tuition you’ll be taken up in a plane thousands of feet in the air before descending down with only a parachute between you and the ground. This will really build the camaraderie between you and your friends as you conquer the elements, though it’s probably best to keep it to yourself if there’s a bridezilla involved in the forthcoming wedding.



There you have it, 3 fantastic stag weekend ideas to put under your thinking caps when planning that big party. We implore you to think outside the box and shun the mundane, the pedestrian and the obvious when planning your stag weekend to remember.

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  1. Chef Marney White

    I’ve got to say, I love this article. It does men a general disservice to presume that all of them want to have a drunken gropefest for their sendoff party.

    The thinking men I know would absolutely love a hiking or kayaking weekend, and I love your idea of the “coasteering” trip. Brilliant, and certainly a but more respectable than a pub crawl (that no one remembers anyway). 😉 Talk about making some wonderful memories of a lifetime with friends!

    Actually, it would make a brilliant bachelorette party for some thinking women, too.

    Well done, Mark.

  2. Top Wedding Sites

    Here are some real life bachelorette party ideas that don’t involve groping and some bachelor party planning information too!

  3. Mark Booth

    Thank you so much for your kind words, Marney, I think us men get a bad press and I think it’s important to remember that not everyone is the same. In a personal sense, my group of friends wouldn’t be heading straight for the first strip joint in town if I were to get married – we’d want to do something a bit weightier!

  4. Terri

    Hopefully men with no imaginations will use these ideas when deciding upon their bachelor weekend. Even my younger brother can’t wait to have a wild and crazy bachelor party thanks to, “The Hangover.” But these ideas definitely seem as though they will provide grooms-to-be and their pals with the adrenaline pumping atmosphere that they desire.

  5. Stag Weekends

    I think most of the stories surrounding stag parties are wildly inflated stories of what actually happened. Perhaps with more second marriages and older grooms will change this wild trend for something like the above.

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