Europe’s Top 10 Stag Weekend Destinations

Group of young men chatting and drinking beer on a rooftop party.

When lads up and down the country are booking their stag weekends away in Europe, there are ten destinations that get chosen more often than others.

With our industry expertise here at Stag Weekends, we have taken a look at some of the reasons why they are the most popular locations that are visited.


First up, it’s difficult to look past Barcelona. The Catalonian capital offers a bit of everything; with the city center and coastline in close proximity.

Barcelona offers several classy beaches to choose from, which is perfect for some daytime relaxation; particularly if you have over indulged the night before.  Moving into the city, it’s difficult not to be drawn in by its vibrancy; both in the atmosphere and visually.

That feel continues into the night, where the laid back culture is one that’s easy to get along with. Tapas bars stay open until late, offering a sociable way to enjoy local delicacies and then it’s time to embrace the nightlife. As with the city itself, Barcelona’s nightlife has something for everyone, from brassy jazz to dance; well into the early hours.


Prague and stag weekends are synonymous with one another. Think of one and you think of the other. People have been visiting the Czech Republican capital for as long as we remember; delve a little deeper and it’s easy to see why.

With its cobbled lanes and historic monuments, it’s easy to lose an afternoon by having a wander around. Cafes and bars litter the city, so you’re never too far away from some refreshments; another reason for its popularity.

Prague is renowned for its local beers and drinking culture; clear to see why tourists are so keen to visit. In fact, you don’t even need to order a beer in the Czech capital; simply place a beer mat on the table and wait for your ale to arrive.


Within the heart of the Costa del Sol lies the classy resort of Marbella, which continues to climb up our top ten here at Stag Weekends. With guaranteed weather, all-year round and plenty to do, it’s obvious why stags are heading here for their weekend getaway.

A weekend in Marbella gives you a taste of the high life. The town is dotted with glamorous hotels and beautiful sandy beaches – an idyllic setting for a memorable stag do. Add into the mix a vibrant nightlife, and the stunning exclusive port ticks all the boxes.

Marbella nights out are unrivaled if you like stylish and chic. Head here and experience a weekend like no other.


It may be the opposite end of the class spectrum in comparison to Marbella, but Benidorm remains a popular choice for stag weekend revelers. If you’re after beaches, bars, and hot weather, Benidorm has all the answers.

Benidorm is known for its mass tourism and ‘Brits abroad’ reputation, which is why it continues to be a go-to stag destination. You may well be in Spain, but there won’t be a language barrier – that’s for sure.

If a no-holds-barred stag weekend is on the cards, it makes sense to head to Benidorm where almost anything goes!


The Dutch capital is widely renowned as one of the best cities to visit in the world, and it’s something that the stag weekend community has picked up on. Offering the perfect balance between naughty and nice, Amsterdam offers something for all tastes.

The city’s long streets sit alongside the canal, which makes for a picturesque setting for a stag party. The nightlife is fast paced, with many bars and clubs to choose from. The red-light district is another popular tourist attraction for those just browsing and for those who want a little more.

Amsterdam has an abundance of eateries to choose from, and its well-known coffee shop culture is another factor behind its maintained popularity.


Think of a European stag adventure and Hungary probably isn’t one of the first countries that spring to mind. However, think of Budapest and you have a stag weekender’s paradise.

One side of the city is steeped in history and offers a cultural feel, head to the other and you have the buzz you would expect from a popular stag party destination. If you want a bit of everything from your trip, Budapest delivers handsomely.

Known for being one of the best party cities in Europe, Budapest parties hard into the night. The news gets better; all of this comes at a reasonable price, so you don’t have to break the bank.


Continuing the eastern European trend, Krakow has recently become a firm favorite for those heading away on stag weekends. This ancient Polish city blends history with a contemporary twist.

Krakow has become popular because of its all-round friendly pricing; flights are cheap and bargains are to be had when in the city. In fact, you can pick up a pint for £1 – an instant stag weekend winner!

Here there are loads of outdoor activities to get involved with if that’s your thing. Or if it’s all about the nightlife, there’s, even more, to choose from; with beer gardens and basement clubs full of local ladies ready to party. 


You may only recognize its name because of Dracula, but Bratislava has plenty to get your teeth stuck into. Beautiful scenery, beautiful bars, and beautiful women; can you spot the theme here?

Its hilly parks surrounded by the Danube River leave plenty on offer in terms of daytime activities. The sights and scenery are the backdrops to many a stag weekend.

The city is a modern mix of urban and wild, which is represented in its array of nightlife. There are beer halls for the ale lovers and rooftop cocktails for those who fancy something more sophisticated.


Little old Latvia isn’t your archetypal destination for a stag weekend, or at least it wasn’t until recently. Riga has been unearthed as a hidden gem on the stag do circuit, and it’s here to stay.

The Latvian capital can seriously give Prague and Amsterdam a run for their money, which is why more and more people are heading here to party for the weekend.

Don’t be misled by the city’s relaxed vibe during the daytime, this is a place that kicks into life as the sun goes down. Its cobbled streets are surrounded by bars and clubs; all costing very little to party in.


Last, but by no means least, Tallinn completes our top ten list of stag weekend destinations in Europe. The capital of Estonia has recently emerged to be one of the hottest properties when lads jet away for a weekend.

With regards to culture, Tallinn offers an eclectic mix of eastern and western world influences, which all combine into a fascinating city.

Like many other emerging locations, Tallinn’s popularity comes down to its rock-bottom prices. Food and drinks can be purchased for peanuts, which leaves you plenty of cash to enjoy its rocking nightlife.

So, if you are looking for a legendary stag weekend in one of these locations, just get in touch with us or visit our website at Stag Weekends. We will do all the hard work on your behalf and you will be able to take all the credit!