How to Pull off the Perfect Bachelor Party


A bachelor party is an event that the groom-to-be has been looking forward to ever since he popped the question. It should be legendary night everyone will remember and serve as the final blowout before he says “I do.” As the Best Man, it’s your job to ensure you, the guests, and the groom all have fun and most importantly, make it back in one piece. Preparation is crucial. Follow these steps and your bachelor party will be one for the memory books.


If there is one good lesson The Hangover movie preaches, it’s DO NOT throw the party the night before the wedding. Now obviously the events of the movie most likely won’t play out, but no one wants to be tired and red-eyed the day of the wedding. The entire clan of both bride and groom will be there and everyone needs to be on their A game. Plan the party for a few weeks before the actual wedding day to avoid any possible mishaps.

Make it Unique

While most bachelor parties follow a similar template, it’s important to make little tweaks to set the one you plan apart. It doesn’t have to be anything huge. Maybe have a funny drinking rule for everyone to follow throughout the night or have everyone wear special bachelor party shirts—this might even come in handy, as it will make it easier to hunt down anyone who has a bit too much fun and wanders off.

Who to Invite

Make sure everyone you plan on inviting gets approval from the groom. The last thing you want to do on his special night is surprise him with someone he doesn’t like being around. Having a smaller group of close friends will make for a better night than having a big group of glorified acquaintances. Also, there is preconceived notion that a bachelor party is strictly guys-only. You can invite a few of those wild female friends you and everyone always had fun with. Just be sure they are not close friends with the soon-to-be bride as this will certainly be a night of debauchery.

Don’t Expect Everyone to have Tons of Cash to Blow

Although you might have been saving up for this, don’t expect that everyone on the guest list has too. True, renting out a high-class Las Vegas penthouse would be awesome. But the sad truth is at this point in time, most people on the list are probably just beginning to have families of their own and are working to get their finances in order. It’s important to make the night memorable, but keep it within reason.

The Itinerary

Make sure there’s a solid list of destinations worked into the plan. You don’t necessarily have to follow the itinerary step-by-step, but you should have a solid grasp of what is going to happen as well as backup plans. Whether you are going to a restaurant, gentleman’s club, or casino, keep a good arsenal of destinations in your back pocket to make sure you don’t all end up standing around wondering what to do next.


This step is extremely important. More than likely, everyone is planning on doing a good deal of drinking throughout the night and no one should even think about getting behind the wheel. Hire a chauffeur or limo service to take care of all the driving. DON’T skimp out on this!

Keep it Under Control

This night should be epic and symbolize a legendary end to a chapter in life. However, there will absolutely be some degenerate behavior involved. As Best Man, it’s your responsibility to keep everything under control. Don’t let anything stupid or dangerous happen that could negatively affect the wedding.

Keep an Eye the Groom

This is where you prove why the groom chose you to be Best Man. Chances are, people will feeding him shots and all sorts of stuff throughout the night. Now you don’t have to babysit groom by any means. Just keep a subtle eye on him to make sure he gets back safe and doesn’t do anything he might seriously regret. This is what being a Best Man is all about!

Now that you have the basics covered, have a great time and make this night the best it can be!