Great bachelor party tips

A must do before the wedding day is of course, the bachelor party. Of course, everyone wants to have this last party before being engaged in something that it meant to last a lifetime. We believe that is an important thing to mention, because it has an essential role in the stages before the wedding, don’t you consider it in the same manner?
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The bachelorette party has to include junk food, such as: pizza, chocolate, and all the foods with lots of calories, because you have to spoil your stomach, not only the eyes and soul; alcohol and “la pièce de résistance” the stripper who is the bride’s last temptation – these are other must have elements in a wedding ceremony.

An interesting idea would be to spend a weekend with the girls in the mountains or at the seaside – take for example Carrie Bradshaw (the main character in Sex and the City) and her friends who instead of going in her honeymoon she ended up in a marvellous spot and forgot about her problems instantly.


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Great bachelor party tips

There, we consider that the girls have to unleash and they can party until the morning, like in the good old times – don’t you forget that it’s between the latest things that are possible to be done. The bachelorette party could also be a surprise for the brides who say all the time that they do not want such a party. Such an event is more difficult to realize but we consider it funnier than the parties organised by the bride, due to the surprises that you can prepare for her. A good idea for that night could also be a pyjama party in which the girls can chat about their most intimate impressions and ideas, like fantasies and many other such funny ideas!

The bachelor party has to have some alcohol in it, in a bigger quantity than that used in the bachelorette party. Another “key thing” in a bachelor party is definitely the strip tease number! Like in the case of the bachelorette party, this is the last situation in which the guys can have fun without restraints – the acts of misbehaviour are forgiven and the bride and the groom must start everything from the beginning, so everything is permitted….

A third option when it comes to the bachelor party – a mixed party: the bride and the groom take their friends and spend their last night at their favourite club. This is a more modern situation! And the best thing at these parties is the groom receiving a lap-dance in front of his future wife, but this doesn’t end here, he also gets to see her receiving a special striptease number.

What matters the most, when having the bachelor party is to have fun!