My public marriage proposal

A marriage proposal could be made in different ways: there are a lot of great ideas a man (or woman) could use, in order to pop the question and to make his / her partner say “I do”. However, there is a particular type of proposal that we would like to talk with you, in order to show you its pros and cons, and this is the public wedding proposal.

When you are in love, you want everybody to know about your powerful and unbounded love, which is why you believe that a public way of popping the question is exactly the thing you need. However, you should think about this twice, because there might be the possibility of the other person not to feel exactly as you. Therefore, these impulses and brave acts are great, but don’t forget that you will have to pass them through the filter of reason before.
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Anyway, let’s see who would be right for these types of proposals. First of all, those who have been in a long term relationship may surprise their partners in a grand way.

However, even if you didn’t been together for a long time, but you have big plans together and you have discussed about the possibility of getting married, you are still great candidates for something like this. But, if you are at the beginning of this love story and if you have noticed that your partner is comfortable with the present status, then you should talk about this first, before doing something crazy.

In case you wondered, how your partner would feel about being proposed to in a public manner, we have made a research and we have found out that a lot of people would like to be proposed like that. So, as far as the partner’s opinion goes it seems that something like this is definitely a plus.

My public marriage proposalCredit
My public marriage proposal

You should also know that if you want your marriage proposal to be something beautiful and appreciated by your beloved one, it matters a lot the way in which you choose to ask this important question. Ladies love to be proposed in a romantic way, so try to combine these two together.

In the end, you will have to take various factors into consideration before having a public marriage proposal, and these are: the partner, the duration of your relationship, the modality and also your personality. If you are comfortable doing something like this, than a public wedding proposal will be a piece of cake, but if you don’t like being in the center of attention it is needless to say that you will feel embarrassed at this.