That ‘something old’ that I need on my wedding day

We talked so many times of that “something blue” that a bride requires on her wedding day, but the truth is that we have not given so much credit to that “something old”, too. Well, we would like to make amend and therefore to offer you more information about this topic.
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So, if wedding traditions interest you, then we advise you to read the following lines, as we will take care of a small part from a long wedding ritual, i.e. “something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue, a sixpence in her shoe”.

What could that something old be? Well, our first suggestion is for you to purchase a vintage wedding item. These are old, yet classic and elegant objects that would make you look glamorous and sophisticated.

Therefore, try to find either: a vintage wedding veil, some vintage jewelries or even a vintage wedding dress. In this way, not only will you have managed to obtain your “something old” but on top of that you will succeed in creating a stylish wedding theme, i.e. the vintage one.

Vintage wedding silver necklaceCredit
Vintage wedding silver necklace

However, that “something old” could be something that would represent you. Maybe you will buy a pocket watch to incorporate in your wedding bucket. This will show that you are in love with old and vintage stuffs, because they are classy and because their elegance could transform something commonplace into something truly amazing, interesting and unique.

But, the real motif for which we adore this idea of having “something old” is because of the fact that brides could have something of a powerful emotional value that they could wear at their wedding ceremony. We refer of course to some items that you have received from your mother, your father or your grandparents.

So, once again we realize that the most precious and dear objects are not the ones that we have bought, but the ones that we have received from important and amazing people in our life. Thus, if you have something that you have received from someone dear to you, then you should definitely find a use for it and you should include it in your bridal outfit.

Even if you care or not about this wedding tradition, you should definitely make sure that something old will occupy a great place in your wedding apparel. Thus, start looking for that precious thing and imagine how this will look next to the other wedding items you have already bought.