Traditional ways of proposing to your girlfriend

Now the proposal moment is a very unique and special one, as many grooms do their best at finding an ingenious and one of a kind method of: popping the question. We admire your wish of doing things right, and we stand by your side, but still, we believe that you should know some things about the traditional way of proposing to a girl and thus, maybe you will combine things a little bit, in order to have a fantastic proposal.
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In the past, the man who wanted to propose to a woman should have sent a group of people: his friends and some member of his family, in order to talk about his feelings and wishes, in short to represent his interest. However, now is when the most interesting part comes, because if the group of people would have met in their way a monk, a blind man or a pregnant woman it was a sign of bad luck for the upcoming marriage.

This was considered a very respectful and considerate act; which is why it has still been preserved up to these days, when certain grooms send some of their friends, to ask with the bride’s parents and to convince them to give her to him.

Traditional ways of proposing to your girlfriendCredit
Traditional ways of proposing to your girlfriend

Another way, of proposing to a girl, which is very traditional but still preserved to the present moment, is when the groom goes and speaks with his bride’s parents, in order to ask her hand in marriage. However, this type of proposal is more appropriate for princess like brides, who desire to be asked in a grand way.

Another way of proposing to a girl, which originates from Medieval times, is by leaving a hawthorn branch at the door of the girl in the first of May, It must have been a wonderful and pleasant way of popping the question, indeed. Anyway, the girl accepted this proposal by leaving the branch at her door, whereas if she had said no she would have replaced it with a cauliflower.

Therefore, my dear groom, you should inspire form ancient times and propose to your girlfriend in a unique way, a way which she wouldn’t have expected. So, surprise her and who knows maybe she will say yes.