Who shall be your ring bearer

Your wedding rings are very important, since they stand for your unconditioned and never ending love. We know that you have struggled a lot to find the right wedding rings, and that is why you should make sure they will arrive to the final destination, i.e. on your fingers. To be more precise, the topic we wish to focus on in the following paragraphs is whether you should or you should not have a ring bearer at your ceremony.
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Everyone knows that theses little fellows will add an adorable and lovely touch to your wedding with their cute faces and their serious outfits. But, there is also a negative side of the story, because these little boys are also known for their clumsiness. Therefore, the reason why we doubt that they are the best for this task is simply the possibility of them stumbling, falling and who knows maybe loosing your precious rings.

Who shall be your ring bearerCredit
Ring bearer

Of course that: things could work well, too: they could reach to the altar without stumbling, and thus the rings will arrive to their owners. But, still it would be better if you would avoid any probability and go for the sure things. Thus, you should better choose somebody else to complete this task for you.

But, who would be the right person, for this serious charge? First, we thought that this task would suit better your best man, since he is your trustful friend, who has never disappointed you. He would definitely be punctual, because he has to stand by you all the time, so: if you will be there, he will be there too. Therefore, your best man is a great option, in case you have decided not to have a ring bearer at your wedding ceremony.

But, then we thought that if the bride doesn’t trust her groom’s best friend, another great option would be to charge the maid of honour with this task. Women are known for their extra seriousness towards weddings, and therefore they won’t fail to complete this task.

However, we think that the best option of all would be to go with the middle way. Thus, the maid of honour should bring the groom’s ring, whereas the best man should assume the responsibility of carrying the bride’s wedding band. In this way everyone will be happy with his or her charges and things will sort out in the good way.

Therefore, give this responsibility to a grown up, because after all your wedding rings are the most important jewellery items from your nuptials.