Facts about the wedding receiving line order

I bet that up to this age you have attended many wedding ceremonies. But, still when it comes to the planning of your wedding there are many unanswered questions that put you in difficulty. A topic that we would like to discuss with you is related to the wedding receiving line order.
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According to the wedding etiquette, the proper receiving line order should include: the bride’s mother, the bride’s father, the groom’s mother, the groom’s father, the bride and the groom. In this way you will portray a big and happy family, joined together for this wonderful, special and glamorous event.

However, if things aren’t quite perfect in the bride’s or groom’s family, i.e. if their parents are divorced then I’m afraid that the divorced couple will have to deal with this situation and to tolerate some sort of discomfort for the sake of their child. After all, this is not a long period and thus there shouldn’t be problems.

Nevertheless, if the two fathers (the father of the bride and the father of the groom) would like to step outside the receiving line, then they may do so. Anyways, mothers could remain with this responsibility only if both fathers agree to step outside the line. It is considered rude that the mother of the groom or the mother of the bride be left alone in this line.

Facts about the wedding receiving line orderCredit
Facts about the wedding receiving line order

Another aspect that we shall clarify is that regardless of the fact that the groom’s parents might pay more for the wedding, it is appropriate for the mother and the father of the bride to come first in the receiving line. We understand that this may hurt the mother and father of the groom feelings, but this is the wedding etiquette and they must respect it. However, if you will talk and if you will arrange another order, then it will be fine, because after all, everybody makes his / her own rules.

So, if this topic was unclear to you, we have exposed you the truth about the wedding receiving line order. The next step would be for you to decide whether you will stick to wedding etiquette, or you will make your own rules.