The father of the bride wedding speech

The father of the bride speech is also between the most important parts of the wedding. This is the first wedding speech; it’s like a start for the other monologues. Also, the father of the bride is expected to be emotional, entertaining, funny and optimistic in the same time. In case you are the father of the bride and you don’t know for sure: where to start from, how long the wedding speech should be, then we would like to give you a helping hand for this matter.
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Make sure the father of the bride speech is short!

We recommend you to make this wedding speech around 7 or 10 minutes, no longer than this and it means that the wedding speech will be long about one thousand words – so, you don’t have to tell long stories from the moment in which the bride was born, or things like that.

The mother of the bride should be mentioned as well!

In the wedding speech that you share with the attendants, you need to mention that the speech is from the side of the mother of the bride as well.

Make references to known people!

You know very well that like any other speech, the father of the bride speech should contain ideas concerning the bride and other characters. Well, make sure that the characters and persons you are mentioning are also known by the rest of the people.

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Father of the bride wedding speech

Humor is the key!

You know, wedding speeches can be considered rather dull if they don’t contain a funny side here and there (or everywhere). This will give a positive vibe to the people attending your wedding and you can also inspire a little bit of emotional sides if you want to.

Learning by heart the first lines of the wedding speech….

This is the most effective way of ending up with a really fluent wedding speech and really interesting in the same. In this way, you’re able to have a boost in the beginning of the father of the bride speech and continuing with reading the last lines isn’t a shameful thing.

Making jokes or telling funny stories!

This will be the climax of the wedding speech and you are able to attract everybody’s attention, with success!

Speak as loud as you can and don’t mumble!