The truth about wedding brunches

When it comes to wedding traditions and habits there are numerous so-called customs that no one could for sure if they are true or not. However, there is a wedding custom that we would like to discuss with you. We have recently heard, that many couples are confused and they don’t know whether they should have a wedding brunch the day after the ceremony, or not. Well, we have decided to sheds light on this topic and to cut the confusion away.
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Regardless of what people think or what they have heard, wedding breakfasts, or brunches are not some wedding customs. To be more precise, we shall add that no one, neither the mother of the bride, not the mother of the groom has the responsibility of holding this meeting. So, it is something optionally that occurs only if the couple desires to take place.

However, these brunches are more and more popular, because it is a great opportunity for the family and close friends to meet after the wedding reception and to discuss their impressions. Besides that, it is also perfect for those who live far away, and the “extension” of the wedding would be the perfect modality through which they could spend some extra time with their long distance relatives.

The truth about wedding brunchesCredit
Wedding brunch

Also, these events occur if the couple does not have enough time for the rehearsal dinner and they desire to replace it with a breakfast or brunch. It is a great solution, and therefore we strongly recommend you to go for it, especially if time does not allow you to do things in a traditional way. I’m sure that every guest will understand and that they will be more than pleased to join you after the wedding ceremony.

These begin said we should also add that in case you will be having a rehearsal dinner, you are not obliged to hold a wedding brunch too. However, if you desire to go for this too, you should know that the people you could invite are some closest friends and some members of the family.

So, make up you mind and see if it is necessary for you to hold this meeting, too, But, as we have already mentioned it, these wedding brunches are not customary, but optionally. As a result, you should do whatever will suit you best.