Chris's stag do

Bachelor Party: Plan for an Extra Night Out

Chris's stag do

The beer has run dry, the groom is out cold and no one can find the car. We won’t be home on time.

Hopefully, you or your best friend’s bachelor party won’t turn out like this, but under any circumstances, an extra day of fun means more memories and good times. Bachelor parties symbolize the end of a chapter and the beginning of another. As the groom prepares to tie the knot, one last romp can solidify lifelong friendships1 and assure him that his boys have his back. Make the most of this momentous occasion and add an extra night to your bachelor party.

Disposable Cash

You probably already planned to blow some cash on a bachelor party. If possible, bring more. It’s not about being reckless or foolish, but rather honoring the full-boar, no-holds-barred sanctity of the event. If you’re considering an extra night, stow some cash away before you head to the golf course, bar or casino. If your bachelor party ends up like most, you won’t be able to get home — let alone extend festivities an extra night — on a college beer-money budget.

With that being said, there’s no reason to compromise your financial stability for an extra night out. You don’t want to leave yourself unable to pay your bills and looking for place that gives cash advances because you overspent your mad money on a single night of unregulated shenanigans.

Call Ahead

So much of a good bachelor party relies on spontaneity, but a little planning can give you options as the party proceeds. If the prospect of staying an extra night exists, check for possible accommodations, whether it be an additional night at a resort or a buddy’s place. Pure spontaneity leads to great ideas, but sometimes logistics don’t allow you to follow through. It sounds contradictory, but planning for potential spontaneity will give the husband-to-be options as he celebrates his inevitable nuptials.

Get Rid of the Hangover

An extended bachelor party sounds great right now, but what about the morning after? A bad hangover can lead you to reconsider your life decisions and rarely leaves you feeling eager to spend more time with your accomplices. Don’t let a case of the spins deter you from an extra day of fun with your best friends.

Hangovers aren’t mythical plagues anymore, and there are measures to take before and after a night of heavy drinking to rehydrate, replace NAD+ and displace acetaldehyde2.

Pre-Game: Your hangover solution3 starts before you drink an ounce of alcohol. Proper hydration limits the alcohol’s bodily consequences. Not only does it contain toxins, alcohol is also a diuretic, which means you’ll need to purge the system more often. Consume water before, during and after drinking to stay hydrated and reduce hangover effects.

Well-Balanced Breakfast: Once you pull yourself away from the bathroom, the right meal4 can erase the cob webs and get you back on your feet. Your body fights off a hangover by making glutathione and cysteine-rich food, including eggs, chicken and oats support this chemical. Orange juice contains Vitamin C, which also nourishes regenerating cells. You may not have much of an appetite, but your body will thank you for a nutritious breakfast later.





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