Capturing the Blushing Bride Before I Do

Without a doubt, the photos of the first look, first dance, first cake slice and first kiss as husband and wife are the ones we await with baited breath. However, when you’re compiling your shot list for the photographer, don’t forget to include several shots of pre-wedding prep.

We know photographers are pricey, and you’re probably trying to debate whether you want them to stay later into the evening or come earlier in the day. We say earlier, earlier, earlier. There is a certain magic to capturing the excitement and anticipation before the bride and groom see each other. You’ll never experience anything quite like it again.

For the purpose of this post, we focused on before-wedding bridal shots of one particular bride — hair, makeup, gift exchange, putting on the dress, etc. Too cute to handle, right?

C&J Wedding-177
C&J Wedding-129

C&J Wedding-70

C&J Wedding-149

C&J Wedding-199

C&J Wedding-118

C&J Wedding-147

C&J Wedding-48

C&J Wedding-151

C&J Wedding-87

C&J Wedding-155

C&J Wedding-134

C&J Wedding-201

C&J Wedding-139

C&J Wedding-153

C&J Wedding-31

C&J Wedding-306

C&J Wedding-323

C&J Wedding-314

C&J Wedding-313