Hair mask

Washing your hair, making sure it`s clean all the time and it has a shiny aspect is very important for your exterior aspect! Nowadays you can find a range of products that assures you your hair looks wonderful.

The first aspect is the shampoo; this product is dedicated to all types of hair: normal, greasy, dry, with dandruff, without volume and the list may continue! It`s impossible for your hair to look greasy if you use the appropriate product!

Try to avoid gadgets that involve heating, because your hair may get deteriorated! Avoid using was frequently, because it makes your hair look greasy, although it fixes perfectly your hairdo!

If you really want to maintain your hair to look great, you should apply masks on it as often as you can, and these masks can be bought from the market and if you have time, you may also produce them by your own hands!

A wonderful thing is that the model of mask given example can be used by people that have any kind of type of hair!

You need a yolk, a vitamin A ampoule, castor oil, 3 spoons with olive oil, a half of lemon`s juice, you mix the ingredients and you apply the cream on dry hair. You let it act about 1 or 2 hours and then you wash your hair! This treatment makes the hair be stronger, your hair will look shiny and you will be able to arrange it better than before!

Don`t forget! Another important process in having a great hair is to cone it as much as you can, so it won`t have the chance to become rebel! Use hair spray not only for fixing your hairdo, but also to make it shinny!

You must avoid sun contact if you have dyed hair because it is going to lost the initial color, and will become more and more degraded, in this case it will need to be hydrated and some moistures must be urgently used for the hair`s health!

Remember! A hair mask like the one mentioned above, must be used, at least, once a week and you must take some free time and try to get relaxed, your hair skin also needs that! Try to convince someone to give you a scalp massage after you clean your hair. The massage must be done by someone else, because you need total relaxation!