Cheap tips for hair care

If you don’t take proper care of your hair, you’re going to end up with an unpleasant aspect for it and also let’s mention that your look will be affected too and you’re aware of this thing, aren’t you? Well, now that this beautiful and harsh in the same time season will damage your hair you have to pay extreme attention to what you’re doing and how you’re taking care of it….
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Let’s also mention that the main factors that affect your hair are: the pollution, chemicals, wind, sun, saltwater and these are basic- you have to add extra protection to your hair in order to make it look gorgeous and healthy. Don’t think of expensive treatments that you can apply on your hair in order for it to look great, just think that we have the right hints here and these are really cheap. The result: a good looking hair with spending a small amount of money.

We start with our first tip: take an avocado fruit and begin mashing it until you end up with a consistent paste. Take this paste and apply it in your hair spreading it on every angle and segment possible. Leave it in your hair for 20 minutes. After this you remove it with the help of a shampoo and you’re going to see the results immediately: absolutely stunning- your hair will take all the nutrients needed from the avocado fruit and it will also get a special shine in the same time. Indeed, marvelous!

After you wash your hair with shampoo, be sure to make a mixture of a half a cup of apple cider vinegar together with some water. Apply it on your hair after you finish with shampooing, and you’re going to observe immediate results: shiny and soft hair. Do these as often as you can and you won’t need to buy any other masks or balms, things that mean extra money! As you can observe your hair can look great without spending a large amount of money!

Take two or three eggs (depending on your hair length) and beat them together, add some olive oil (about three tablespoons) and realize a nice looking mixture. Add this mixture on your hair, from the roots until the end and leave it for 30 minutes on your hair. You’re going to observe again a great looking hair and also really healthy in the same time. What more could you wish for?

Our last tip is to take some coconut oil and spread it in your hair with the help of a comb: from root to tip. Take a towel that you don’t use anymore and begin placing it around your head, make sure that this towel is warm and leave it in this way for 30 minutes. After this, you can wash your hair with shampoo and you’re finished!