Haircuts depending on your face shape

We’ve mentioned about bangs, and how to make bangs according to your face shape, but let`s see some nice haircuts depending on the same criteria! So, accordingly to these, you may apply for a hairdo or another and maybe change your actual aspect!

The first face shape taken into consideration is the round one! Everything suits this type of face, from bangs, to short hair, curls and really long and straight hair! Stylists make hairdos accordingly to this type of face, so every time they cut or arrange hair they want to give the impression of oval face! If you have such a face, try to uncover it as much as you can to show the whole world your beautiful feature!

You can apply for nice curls, like Marilyn Monroe`s, a nice loop with accentuated volume in the upper side of the head, or even a nice bob with straight bangs!

The next shape is the round one! This type of shape usually confers the aspect of a chubby person, so with the hairstyle you apply you must try to make your face thinner! Try those hairdos with confer volume in the upper side of the head and over the forehead, avoid volume next to the ears, these make you look chubbier!

Apply for a curl here and there on the straight hair, or even some big curls all around the surface of the hair to catch the attention on the hair and not on the face! Those nice cuts “in stairs” also advantage the round face and you should really take this into consideration!

The heart shape face needs some volume to make the features mild! So, apply for a short bob maybe until the beard area, nice curls on one side of the face! If you want short hair, leave the hair from the back side longer to create a balance with the cheeks and the beard. Apply for flawless cuts in the hair, a loop on one side of the head, as long as it doesn’t look areally elaborate, nice curls with volume is the last suggestion!

The square shape of the face is believed to bare only medium cuts of hair! Well, that`s not really true! It also accepts long hair as long as it`s voluminous and it makes your features sweeter! Place your long hair on one side of the shoulder and apply for nice curls! You`ll certainly look great! Apply for a retro loop also, with volume; it makes your face rounder!

Another hint is to have a classical loop down to the neck side, a voluminous part in the upper area of the forehead and around the ears and there you have it: a nice and oval illusion!

These pieces of advice can be applied really easily and you don`t need a hair stylist for that! You can only use your imagination, according to the indications and you`ll create a nice hair cut that fits your face shape!