Blond-Brunette-Red Hair

You usually don`t know how to dye your hair? Well, it`s a problem that most women encounter and the following pieces of advice should give you a hint and clear up your head! The “battle” between blonds, red-haired and brunettes has always been a social theme. Most of the time, our personality is faded away by the hair color and before you dye your hair in a certain nuance you should see if it is in perfect concordance with your physical aspect!

Here are some suggestions if you want to dye your hair blond… Blonds are treated in our society like “bimbos” that lack intelligence and let`s admit: it is indeed the ugly truth! You shouldn`t listen to these things, and if you really want to become a blond you must consider some things.

If your skin is kind of pinkish, a “cold” nuanced blond suits you perfectly, and it helps highlight your features, but you may also apply a copper blond. Do you want platinum blond? You should know that this color is perfect for all types of skin, but you must take into account the image you want to create. If you have a dark skin, this color will make you look old, and if you have a bright skin you must accentuate your features with make-up. Caramel blond is perfect for natural brunettes, and cold nuances of blond are perfect for those with a tanned skin. For the bright complexion it`s indicated to use warm colors to highlight the skin, and gray blond is perfect for those that have a reddish skin (it helps in neutralizing)!

These being said, let`s end the blond chapter and begin a new one that involves brunettes. These girls are seen as nerds, or passionate ladies that “eat” their men in bed. It`s kind of funny to see how many urban myths one can find in our days! If you`re a blond haired woman and want to become a brunette, it`s no problem, we can understand you`re fed up with all the things said about you!

Is your hair fragile? Then dye your hair in the most dark nuances possible cause these offer the impression of volume.

Use chocolate nuances if you have a tanned skin, use a brown color to highlight your features and the beauty of your smile. The dark colors seem to help you the most if you don`t have money to go to a salon, it`s not difficult to dye yourself at home with these nuances.

Do you want to be a red-haired? The women that have this type of hair color are believed to be passionate, wild and intense. It is also known that these women love to make love the most, and recent studies seem to underline this fact. If you want to dye your hair in this nuance, you should know some things…

If you have blond hair or brown apply bright red, do on the contrary if you`re brunette. The darker your hair color is, the darker you must pick your red to apply on the hair.

No matter what color your hair is, you must feel confident being you and the color you “wear”! Remember, the hair color doesn`t make your personality!