Make-up for the new years eve party

Do you want to look sexy from head to toe in that special night? It won`t be difficult as long as you have the attitude and the gown that highlights your beautiful body! Here are some make-up suggestions that will certainly make your eyes and sight look sexy….

If the water inspires you than the make-up proposed here will make you look wonderful and sexy! Apply a make-up foundation that enlightens your complexion, giving you the impression of porcelain! Apply after that some powder on all your face! Brush your eyebrows so they look sexy and tidy in the same time! You must first apply the fake eye lashes, in order to have those expressive eyes. Make sure the fake eye lashes are black entirely, you don`t want to look kitsch and certainly you need them not too long, because everyone will notice your eyes! Illuminate your sight with an illuminator and use a gray cream powder for your eyes! Apply the creamy powder on both of the eyelids leaving a “tail” on the exterior of the eye, far from the ending of the eyebrows! You need to leave your arcades white, maybe apply some illuminator in order to make your face lighter! In the end apply as much mascara as you can, but in such a manner that the eyelashes separate each one from another! After you`ve done this make sure you apply a creamy neutral lip gloss and you`re finished! You can go and party! This make-up can be “used” by any types of eye color!

Another cute party make-up is this one, which is especially designated to those that have blue eyes! Apply a make-up foundation that suits the most you complexion, make sure your face is enlightened, apply a brown powder (a lighter one) on the inferior eyelid and on the superior eyelid apply a darker brown than the one used initially; after you have done that make sure you apply liquid eyeliner (brown nuance if you have one) and the arcades must by very bright! Brush carefully your eyebrows and give them a light brown touch with a crayon! In the end apply mascara, brown is the best option and make your cheeks shadowy!

Aren`t you convinced yet? Well, I saw a gorgeous model, with curly hair and a wonderful make-up you may want to use on the big night! Start with make-up foundation, of course, and then focus on the eye area! Use a silvery nuance in the internal part of both of the eyes in order to enlighten your sight, after that apply in the margins on the external part of the eyes, a dark blue, or maybe a dark gray in order to highlight your beautiful eyes! Apply illuminator in the internal part of the complexion and in the arcades area! You`ll certainly look wonderful! In the end apply a lip gloss with a punch or peach nuance! And voila!