Black women makeup 2

We promised all you black women to offer many examples that concern the way you realize your makeup and not only… if you listen to our pieces of advice everything will end up just great and you’re going to end with a good looking aspect, that is more than good looking.

We start with suggesting you a makeup style that is stolen from a celebrity, Beyonce. Start with adding makeup foundation on your face, after this add a slight touch of blush in the apples of your cheeks (with a slight orange touch), continue with adding illuminator on the forehead and on the interior side of the cheeks towards the nose.

Let’s continue with the eyes, because these are really important too, if not the most important parts. Apply for powder eyeliner and make some nice looking lines on the upper eyelids and then continue with liquid eyeliner.
<-336x280 Large Rectangle - center->
Also, if you pay extreme attention you’re going to end up with a nice looking cat eye makeup and this will perfect with the help of extra layers of mascara. Quite a great look isn’t it? We’re not finished, because we have some hints for the lips too…. Take a peachy lip gloss and apply it on your beautiful lips and see that the effect is stunning.

As we mentioned before, you can apply for really spicy tones, because your skin tone permits it and we’re sure that if you pay attention to our piece of advice, then it means that you’re going to end looking just like in pictures. You know the basics: add foundation and illuminator in those particular areas….

The next phase consists in applying a special nuance on your eyes: a shimmering one with a mixture of golden and orange tones: towards the arcades make it golden and on the rest of your eye make sure to apply an orange tone, continuing towards the apples of your cheeks and creating a nice visual effect.

In the interior side of your eyes we recommend to add a layer of black eyeliner in order to contour in a very nice way your eyes. Another thing that needs to be mentioned is the fact that for the lips you can apply also a golden tone of lip gloss and the effect is stunning; for the lips try to have the same background as that used on the eyes and you’re going to see that you look stunning.

If you use a dark shade on your eyes, try to use a lighter tone of lipstick or eye color, also if you use shimmering eye colors, don’t be afraid of using the same basis on the lips and make it as glittery as the eyes are….