Another spring make-up model

We’re going to continue our examples regarding the spring looks together with presenting you the products needed and where and what quantity should these be applied!

This look looks interesting and it doesn’t involve many cosmetics in order to be realized….

We start with the face and we recommend a liquid make-up foundation, which suits perfectly your complexion’s color! It shouldn’t be darker or too light! You need to pick one that suits you perfectly, that is…. In the cheeks you may apply for a natural blush, with different variations of orange, pink and gold….

We continue with the eyes. For the eyes you need first a concealer in order to cover your dark spots and after you’ve offered them light and a great aspect, we recommend you to use an eye shadow! You can pick between beige, pink, purple or green as shadows, it depends on the color of eyes you have. We continue with the ink art liner! Take a brush and moist it and then you can apply the ink all around the eyes in order to highlight their beauty and to have a more interesting look! We end with the mascara! You should use this product abundantly and underline the beautiful features of your eyes…. That’s all for the eyes. It’s not much, is it?

We end with the lips. These are really important and we think that they need a touch of color. Start with applying a deep and happy color on your lips, after apply some glass without glitter in a punch nuance and you may end up with a shiny product in order to offer your lips a fresh aspect and whoever sees them will feel like kissing or simply admiring them….

We totally recommend this make-up and as you can observe it doesn’t involve too many products. It’s not easy to be made! You only need some brushes and the make-up products. Another thing we feel like mentioning is about the eyebrows…. You have to brush them and give them a little brownish touch or even gray, because these need to be in perfect coordination with the colors used in the make-up of the eyes.

We also recommend you to use some illuminator in the middle of the face in order to attract all the attention around your eyes and lips! It’s a nice make-up model and it’s in trend this spring….