Dramatic eyes makeup 3

When it comes to dramatic eyes we simply can’t get enough. And how is that? Well, just think of how many styles there can be blended here! We mentioned something in the topic that concerned the eyeliner makeup styles. We’re going to try to expose you more examples in order for you to try them and see which one suits you the most.

We start with some dramatic eyes that won’t be hard at all to realize, you can be sure of that! So, take black eyeliner and a grey eyeshade and a white and shimmering eye powder and some mascara…. Do as the following lines suggest! Take the black eyeliner and apply it on the inferior eyelids in order to highlight your eyes, continue on the line of the eyebrows with the dark eye shade and spread it with the help of a brush.
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Take the white eye shade and apply it in the interior corner of your eyes and on the upper eyelids as well. The last step is to apply mascara in how much layers you wish. As we mentioned previously, this is a makeup style that isn’t hard to realize at all and it doesn’t involve too much time. As for the rest of the complexion, we recommend you to use a normal makeup foundation that matches your natural color tone and the lips should definitely look moisturized and hydrated in the same time. This won’t be a hard thing at all!

We’re sure that you’ve tried this makeup style at least once in your lifetime. Take some eyeshade that is composed only of glitter and apply it on the upper eyelid. At the basis of the upper eyelashes trace a thin line with the help of liquid and black eyeliner. This will definitely create a nice visual impression and your eyes will be highlighted in a pretty manner! You can apply for this makeup style, while you go out in town and you want to look captivating! The final touch consists in the extra layers of mascara that you can apply on the upper eyelashes and create a nice visual impression.

Our last suggestion regards a nice combination of elements and we’re sure you will feel just great wearing this makeup at least in these hot summer nights. Take a spicy and matte eye shade, like in this case yellow and apply it on the entire surface if your upper eyelid towards the interior corner f your eyes. On the inferior eyelids you can apply for a golden tone in a really pleasant aspect. A thing that has been forgotten to be mentioned and it is quite an essential thing in this makeup style: use black contour kohl on the interior side of your eyelids in order to highlight your eyes. The final step consists in adding a fine line of liquid eyeliner on the superior eyelid. It’s a really playful makeup style and we’re sure that you’re going to enjoy applying it and wearing it!