Makeup hints for brown eyes 2

We’re not done yet with our hints concerning the makeup that can be applied to brown eyes. We have some other examples and suggestions for you and we’re sure that you’re going to take these into account, because these look pretty interesting.

Our first suggestion is for ladies with brown eyes and black hair who can easily use combinations of purple eyeshades and black eyeliner. Start with contouring your eyes in a pleasant manner with the help of black contour kohl. On the upper eyelid you can use also a dark eye shadow and the eyeliner just next to the eyelashes.

This is indeed a successful combination and we’re sure that as soon as you’re going to start applying your makeup you’re going to look just divine. As for the mascara, you need extra layers in order to highlight your eyes in a beautiful manner. The lips should be in coordination with the eye shade you use and we recommend in this case the usage of a fresh pink tone of lip gloss and make also sure that it isn’t shimmering, because you already have a lot of shimmer on your eyes, don’t you?
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There’s another great combination of elements and it refers to bronze eye shadow and smoky eyeliner. If you use these you can be sure that you’re going to look dazzling. Start with applying the black eyeliner around your eyes and contour these in a very pleasant manner. With the help of that special sponge give the impression of smoky eyes.

Use the bronze eye shadow on the superior eyelids and you can be certain that you’re going to look great with it on. As for the eyelashes we recommend you to use some extra layers of mascara that will definitely confer these great looks. When it comes to the lips, we recommend you to use a lipstick that offers the same impression of bronzed skin, maybe in luscious aspect and tone….

Some pink every now and then is quite recommended to use together with brown eyes. Another thing that we suggest to you when it comes to this type of eye color is that you apply for the cat eye makeup and you can be sure that you won’t fail at all.

As for the other colors that are recommended for your eye color, we simply can’t make up our minds on a particular tone, because they’re all so gorgeous ad it would be a pity not to play with them and combine these.