80s makeup style

There are several ways in which you can revive the 80s and through all these methods you can apply for using a special makeup, not through the lines or stuff like that, but through the colors used and the nice combinations, as you’re going to observe in the lines to come.
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We start with our first suggestion of 80s makeup and be sure that it isn’t that hard to realize. It’s just a matter of what colors you use in realizing it…. for this first model we suggest green tones and blend them with turquoise. Use these shades on the upper eyelid; spread these just under the arcade area. The eyebrows shouldn’t be forgotten either, use a kohl in a brown tone in order to match perfectly with the colors used on the eyes.

As for the lips, we recommend you to use a spicy pink and in a glossy texture in order to highlight your great looking makeup. When it comes to the eyelashes, you have to use many layers of this product in order to highlight your eyes and make these look contoured and really nice looking.

Here’s how we continue with another great looking makeup style and this time all the focus is on the lips. If you find the appropriate texture and color, you’re going to look just like the model in the picture, before mentioning some things about the lips, let’s specify what tones should be used for the eyes, shall we?

If you have hazel eyes then it means that this makeup style will definitely be appropriate for you. Use grey tones as well as a faded blue. Apply the darker shade on the upper eyelid and create nice looking shades with it. In the interior corner of the eyes be sure to apply a lighter tone of eyeshade and you’re going to see just how great this combination is.

In the external corner of your eyes, towards the area where the eyebrows finish you can apply for darker eye shades that make your eyes look great and highlighted. We recommend you to use multiple layers of mascara for extra effect and this will make your eyes look pretty great.

When it comes to the blush, we recommend you to use a tone that is based on orange, red tone and only with a slight touch. The lips should have the same color tone of lip stick and make sure that you underline them pretty much. This type of makeup style is inspired from the 80s and it would be ideal for a night in the club or to apply for it if you decide to go dancing somewhere. We totally recommend it!