Vintage makeup styles – black eyeliner and red lipstick

We continue with our vintage makeup styles and we’re going to present to you some other interesting models so that you can decide on one depending on the event or place you want to go.

The first makeup style that we suggest to you has all the focus and attention towards the lips. In this case you need a really light makeup foundation and maybe a natural tone will do. Make sure that your eyebrows are contoured in a pleasant manner and have a great looking shape, not only for this type of makeup but in general.

The eyes are the next thing in this makeup style: use black liquid eyeliner and contour your eyes drawing a thin line on the upper and on the lower eyelid. Finish with adding a thin layer of mascara and the final step consists in contouring the lips and making them look great.
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How do you do this? Well, use a red lip stick tone and make sure that the texture is creamy and shiny in the same time; it doesn’t need to have any shimmer in it. This is a classical look and be sure that you won’t fail with it and it’s still in trend.

We continue with vintage makeup styles that relate on the same elements and the basic idea consists in how you use the same cosmetics products and obtain a different look. Yu may think that it isn’t possible, well it is…. So, in the last one the focus was on the lips, this time the focus is on both sides of the face. This time you can apply for a fade shade in your cheeks and for the lips and eyes we recommend you to use the same makeup products: the same lipstick that you used in the first model of makeup and the same liquid eyeliner.

In the previous makeup you may have dragged two thin lines on the superior and on the inferior eyelids and in this one you will draw only a line that will be curly at some point, on the exterior corner of your eye. Make sure that the lips are highlighted in a very pretty manner with the help of a creamy and moisturized lipstick in the same color tone.

Our final suggestion uses again the same colors and makeup products and of course they’re used in a different mode. Use shades in your cheeks and underneath the arcade. Draw a thick line with eyeliner and the final touch to the eyes is offered by the extra layers of mascara that you use. The lips are covered with a scarlet rose that highlights your great looking smile and not only….