Makeup cliches

“I want to change my makeup style!” this is definitely an idea that came into your head recently and we’re positive of that. Well, it’s true, want it or not every woman has her own pattern when it comes to realizing makeup and making her eyes and lips cope together into creating her look.

We know, if you’re in a hurry and it doesn’t matter where you go at the office, in town, you take the eyeliner from the makeup case and you simply apply it on the eyes and then finish with adding mascara. We know that this sounds like a cliché, but it’s a thing that most women do and we’re certain that you have your own technique as well.
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There are some ladies that use eyeliner not only through a thin line on the superior eyelid, but they apply contour kohl on the interior side of the lids, so that they create an interesting visual effect, in fact they make their eyes look tinier and they attract all the attention towards them.

Another thing that we need to mention about relates to the other makeup styles that we usually seen at women and that are like clichés: adding a little bit of eye shadow no matter what color tone on the superior eyelid and some mascara and that’s it! We’re sure that you’ve encountered yourself in one of these clichés and we’re certain that you feel amused to see that in fact you’ve created an involuntary pattern when it comes to the makeup that you apply for.

So, there are those women that usually draw a line with the help of liquid eyeliner on the superior eyelid and mascara on the superior lashes and that’s it…. This is the makeup style that they’ve applied for, no matter in what circumstances and place that they go!

What can you do in order to change this cliché and make some other makeup styles that don’t look like clichés and as if you’re doing these and they’re like a part of your style? Well, first of all you can read the new stuff in what concerns the fall trends for makeup, buy yourself new makeup products and try this exercise no matter where you go and you’re going to see just how great you’re going to end up looking.

You can be certain that you’re going to end up being successful and another thing is that you’re going to create diversity in the makeup style that you adopt as well as looking different in different days and maybe you’re going to begin doing the same things when it comes to the clothes that you wear. After all, it’s fall, it’s a new season and you have to bring something new in the air….