Fall look

Ladies we know that you should get advantage of this summer as much as possible, but there are only some days left and you have to take into consideration what makeup offers you for the future period, the autumn season. Well, from our future articles you’re definitely going to know what’s trendy and what’s not when it comes to fall looks and you’re going to end up looking just great if you listen to our pieces of advice.
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Start with basics! Apply makeup foundation on your complexion as to create the impression of a porcelain face that looks really neat in the same time, fresh and without any defects on. In the same time, you have to look as if there’s not foundation or powder used on your face.

The next step consists in making your cheeks look as high as possible. How can this be done? Well, it’s very easy! You can use a blush in a rose, pink or plum tone. It will definitely be observed on your cheeks, but in the same time it’s going to offer you a really young look and really sexy in the same time. The cheeks are next to the eyes, when it comes to the importance of this particular look.

The eyes as we just have mentioned, these are really important. How can you highlight them? Well, this won’t be hard at all, you can be sure of that! You can do this with the help of eyeliner, a dark eye shadow and a lot of patience. Start with contouring your eyes in the external corner of your eyes and make them look as intense as possible. The next thing is to use a light taupe eye shadow on the external corner of your eyes and you can extend this area and surface up to the exterior line of the eyebrows. The next thing is to use a darker tone of eye shadow. Finish with adding extra layers of mascara especially on the superior eye lashes. The effect is definitely dazzling and you can be sure that you’re going to look amazing with all these details on.

The main thing for this makeup is to use as many contrasts as possible. The first contrast is realized between the eyes and the cheeks; the next one is between these two parts and the eyebrows, which are strongly contoured with the help of contour kohl in a dark tone.

The lips need to look hydrated and great looking in the same time. Use a crème lip color and after a gloss in order to make these look shiny, healthy and voluptuous in the same time.