Hollywood inspired makeup and hairstyle

It seems that in this season the length of medium length hair towards long gains terrain and the makeup starts to become more and more natural. As a bride has to be in trend in a way or another we think that it would be appropriate to take a peak in what concerns the trends of the celebrities in Hollywood.

In order to analyze better this fall – winter season, we’ve taken as example some representative celebrities and we’ve discovered a part of their secrets which are very well kept for their fall look.
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Read about them and don’t forget to take them into account when it comes to the look that you’re going to have in your wedding day.

Gisele’s pony tail!

Gisele Bundchen is determined to bring once again in trend that old hair tail that we’ve used to see some time ago. The gorgeous Brazilian woman was seen in repeated times with the hair on top of her head and the elastic band was covered with hair locks.

Opt for a similar look if you don’t want to apply for a veil or choose a lateral veil flower. It’s a simple hairstyle, but that produces impact, especially if you have long hair or you’re wearing extensions.

Natural makeup….

With an impeccable complexion like that of Sandra Bullock, we’re not amazed that her makeup artist has applied for a really natural makeup.

Add a plus of color for your look using a grey eye color. If you feel that this look is too simple for a bride, then you can accentuate with two tones the color of the lipstick.

Natural hairstyles….

If you want to have a natural look in your wedding day, as natural as possible then it’s perfect. You’re in tendencies because this season the very straight hair isn’t worn anymore with the help of that iron and in the same time those elaborated hairstyles aren’t popular as well.

The perfect example for this trend is Sienna Miller and from her you can steal the eternal red lips, which have been like a trade mark for this British actress.

Lateral hair bang….

Jennifer Garner has applied for the natural makeup as well, in what concerns the hairstyles she’s adopted for a new trend: the hair bans in the lateral side. So, if you’re a bride who has a band then you can apply for this refined trick for a stylish and refined look. This hairstyle is applied for a bride that is going to wear a medium veil.

A classic loop?

You know pretty well that the classical elements are not going to fade away ever and Carrie Underwood seems to know this as better as you. Carrie has applied for a loop at the basis of the neck and which is really great finished.

If you’re a conservative bride and you’re going to wear a cathedral type veil then such a hairstyle is ideal for you!