Makeup tips for teenagers 2

We continue with our makeup tips for teenagers and we’ve got left some suggestions for you and we hope that you read the previous article in order to keep these into account too. So, we mentioned that you should always show your age and try to use as less makeup products as you can and this will definitely help you to save some money.

When you go to school try using as less makeup as you can: you can apply some makeup foundation, a slight line of eyeliner on your eyes; some mascara and a natural gloss on you’re lips, take your back pack and you’re on your way.

There are some schools that have some problems with their students having too much makeup on, this is a really old fashion attitude, but it can be helpful sometimes; ladies you go to school to learn and not to the disco, but this does not mean that you don’t have to look great in case you meet with the boy you like!

Sometimes if you have beautiful eyebrows and a good night sleep you only need mascara and a fresh lip gloss on your lips and you’re on your way to go! This is a wonderful idea, isn’t it, but you don’t like to be in that case…. Well, makeup is really necessary only in older ages, because you have to hide something and when you have to go to special places, like the prom. And speaking of the prom night, you have to wear a beautiful dress there and great looking makeup too.

The prom night is really special for some ladies and it really has to be in this way, because it’s a one in a lifetime experience. First, you have to decide on what dress you should wear in that particular day and next is the makeup. This one should be accordingly to the color of the dress that you’re wearing and also with your complexion tone and hair. You will look just great if you keep these hints in mind and don’t forget to be enthusiastic.

Another important problem in the teenagers’ life is the acne! Well, if you have this problem you can go to the doctor and see what he prescribes you. In case your zits appear only in that harsh period of the month you can apply for adding some makeup foundation on your face and some powder over it, although it isn’t indicated to cover them, on the contrary you have to let these breathe and don’t squash them, because they spread. We know that these ideas kind of scare you, but these are true facts and if you don’t believe us you can ask a person in matter.

There are so many treatments for acne nowadays that you just can’t imagine, but the basic thing that you have to take into account when it comes to this aspect is the fact that you have to eat as healthy as you can, eliminate sweets, coke, coffee and cigarettes from your life and your skin will definitely look healthier and shinier. Try what we’ve just told you for a few weeks and you’re going to see just how great you’re going to look.