Makeup based on eyeliner – gothic style

The eyeliner is the basic asset in a woman’s makeup cassette and we know that you definitely agree with us. In fact, there are some women that just can’t do without it. It is really important to have at least liquid eyeliner and a crayon; these are essential and can turn out to be handy sometimes. In what cases are these really useful?

Well, when you’re on the run and have to perform a rapid makeup you can take the pencil eyeliner and trace a line in the interior corner of your eyes or on the entire lower eyelid in order to focus a little bit the attention towards your eyes.

There are some women that can’t do without the liquid eyeliner and tracing a line on the superior eyelid can turn out to be a really easy thing for them…. In the lines to come we’re going to speak about some makeup styles that are based on the usage of eyeliner and sometimes, some of these involve only using this simple makeup accessory.
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We start with basics. You know that the usage of black eyeliner is often associated with the gothic style and gothic makeup. Well, why shouldn’t it be in this way, because this is a fact?! You can apply for dramatic lines with black eyeliner, be it liquid or under the pencil format and you can add extra layers in order to highlight your sight pretty well.

Quite an interesting combination and it’s effective most of the times, because you won’t fail with this type of look! Yes, if you want to look gothic here’s what you have to do: take a white powder and makeup foundation and begin spreading it on your face in order to obtain a really pale visage. The next step consists in: taking the eyeliner and begin spreading it around your eyes in order to highlight them pretty well.

You can also apply for using a dark eyeshade and combine it with those thick lines that we’ve just suggested in the previous lines. As you can see it isn’t hard to realize at all! Also, you can use red lipstick on your lips or a kooky tone that will definitely blend perfectly with all the elements that we’ve just mentioned. The mascara isn’t that important in this case, you may even renounce to it, or apply only a thin layer. The lines are important in this type of makeup….

And speaking of lines, you can realize a gothic look with different figurines realized with the help of your eyeliner, such as lines that imitate blood or other symbols that relate to this particular style. If you’re a person that is into this stuff, use your imagination and you’re going to end up looking really fine.