Green eyes makeup 2

Here is how we continue with some other suggestions that concern how to highlight and realize a great looking makeup for your beautiful green eyes. We just hope that you consider these tips really useful and apply for them in the future time, also making sure that you offer a certain feedback to all of our suggestions.

We have another great combination of elements and elements that indicate just how great you can highlight your eyes. In this case we’re speaking about using a violet eye shadow in order to highlight your eyes in a gorgeous manner.

So, use a violet eye shadow on the superior eye lids and on the inferior ones as well, making sure that on the arcades, just underneath the eyebrows you use a lighter shade of eye shadow that will definitely make your eyes look gorgeous. Make sure that your eyelashes are perfectly highlighted with the help of mascara and the effect will definitely be dazzling!
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When it comes to the lips, we recommend you to use a pale pink tone of lipstick without any shimmering particles in it and this will make you look pretty nice. This is indeed a nice look and we’re sure that you’re going to feel enchanted of its effect on your complexion and entire personality.

Pink eye shadow goes really great with green eyes. Use a pale pink tone with some glitter in it and add it all round your green eyes. Make sure that underneath the brows you use a lighter tone of eye shadow and this will create an interesting impact. Make sure that you highlight your eyes with the help of black eyeliner in the interior corners of your eyes and this will definitely focus all the attention towards your eyes. Don’t forget to add mascara on the superior and inferior lashes in order to obtain a great looking aspect!

As for the lips, we recommend you to use a fresh tone of lip gloss that doesn’t have any glitter in it. you may apply for using a transparent one or even one with flesh tone. We love this combination and we think that it is really great looking.

The last model of makeup for green eyes that we want to present to you up to this moment is a really natural one and it’s really great looking in the same time. Apply for a peach tone of eye shadow and use it on the superior eye lids.

This will confer you a nice looking aspect and your eyes will definitely look bolder. Also, you can add a slight line of eyeliner in the external side of your eyes, on the superior eyelashes. Finish with adding mascara on the superior and inferior eyelashes and add a nude pink tone of lip gloss on your lips. We hope that these combinations make you look dazzling.