1920s makeup style

1920s makeup is all about expressivity and the way in which your eyes are highlighted. You can adopt this makeup style at a thematic party and we’re sure that you’re going to end up looking like ripped of those stories if you listen to our piece of advice and follow each step.
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Our first suggestion of 1920s makeup refers to a makeup that blends perfectly highlighted eyes and lips and it won’t be hard to realize at all. For the eyes you need black eyeliner and a gray eyeshade and some mascara in the end. So, take the black eyeliner and begin contouring your eyes in the interior side of the eyelids as well as on the line of your eyelashes.

Take a brush and the grey eye shade and begin applying it on the eyelids (on the whole inferior eyelid and on the superior one up to the arcade area). Finish with adding a slight touch of mascara. As for the lips we recommend you to play with an orange red tone of matte lipstick and it will blend perfectly with these elements.

We continue with another suggestion that will be easy to realize and you’re going to like it as well. For this one you need to add a slight shade of blush in your cheeks and make it orange. As for the rest of the complexion we recommend you to highlight your eyebrows with the help of black eyeliner and the lips need a fresh and creamy red lipstick.

We left the eyes for a separate presentation so that you could make a general idea concerning the makeup style. So you need a grey eyeshade for the eyes and black eyeliner. Take the grey eye shade and apply it on the superior eyelids and finish with it underneath the arcade area. As for the inferior eyelids we recommend you to use also the grey eyeliner so that you bring a slight impression of smoky eyes.

Here’s our other suggestion that can be considered as similar in the colors used, but it isn’t quite in the same way, because in the first two examples the grey shade was used in a pale manner, it was seen as being fade, in this case there’s a really dark tone and extra layers of this dark color. Take black eyeliner and begin contouring your eyes and use on the superior eyelids a grey eyeshade, focusing a little bit on the exterior corner of the eyes.

You know where to stop with applying the dark eye shade, don’t you? Another thing that you need to know is that you don’t need too much mascara applied in this makeup style and when it comes to the lips we recommend you to use a spicy tone of red to be in contrast with the rest of the elements of this makeup style.