Make-up trends in 2010

In the year to come there are many changes, when speaking of make-up trends. So search in your purses, drawers and wherever you keep your make-up and be prepared for some suggestions!

It is cool to create shadows from colors, and very not in trend to make shadows from black or gray. It has always been fashionable to make shades on your eyes, but the highlight is now on the colors! Black isn`t that fashionable, but don`t throw away your kohl crayons. You can use in a night make-up a tube with eyeliner to make lines, which give the impression of sensuality and playfulness!

Try not to use all the bottle of mascara you have on your eyelashes in the year to come! For a sexier look try to use a mascara that doesn`t create the image of filthy! The natural your eyelashes look, the more intense your eyes will seem! If you like false eyelashes, try to find a model not so long! You don`t want to look ridiculous, do you?

Try a make-up foundation as natural as possible! The tanned skin is left away, only for summer time! In the spring-summer season the fresh look is the “most wanted”! In order to have this image, try using a foundation in a bright color and as less as you can! Exfoliate and hydrate your complexion correctly before using the foundation, especially in the T zone in order for your skin to look natural and fresh!

After you have applied your make-up foundation, use an illuminator or a shining powder instead of auto-tanning products. Most of you don`t trust these products, but it`s time to start now! For a natural look apply some color on your cheek zone, but do it correctly, as if you didn`t (get the idea?)!

The transparent lip gloss is fashionable again! So, throw away the pink and brown nuances of lipstick you had in your purse! If you have thin lips these transparent products will suit you perfectly, because they have the role of highlighting the margin of the lips and give a special glaze! Oh! And let`s not forget the crazy contour of the `90s which may not be preferred by some of you, cause you consider it kitsch, but it can suit very good some mouths!