Makeup foundation tips

There are some women that are not into using makeup foundation or similar products because they like to maintain their fresh and clean all the time. We totally agree- if it happens for your to sweat you’re not going to encounter any difficulties when it comes to this product being spread on the face or things like that…. but this is not the only thing that you have to take into account.

Throughout the time we’ve suggested so many variants and options when it comes to makeup foundation and we’re certain that you got the message.

As usual, we want to keep you informed and share some helpful tips with you in order that you make a general idea and see what you can apply for, what suits you and what doesn’t….
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So, first of all, besides the fact that it can get spread on the face or it can leave some unpleasant rashes on your skin we think that the makeup foundation is a girl’s best friend in any situation. In fact we recommend you to use it as much as you can and also to change the layer every now and then during the day time because this product isn’t a wonder one.

You have to take into account finding the appropriate one for your skin and this means testing lots of makeup foundations before finding the right tone and the suitable texture as well.

So, you have to take a little sample from that product and spread it on your neck skin in order to see if it fits with your skin color. We know the trick with the hand, but trust us it’s better to do it on the neck, because the hand skin tends to get changed due to its contact with the sun beams.

Another thing that you have to take into account refers to using a liquid makeup foundation or a powder one. Well, we totally recommend the option with the liquid makeup foundation because it penetrates your skin in a gorgeous manner and you can spread it in all the little corners of your face, faster than in the case of the powder one. We know that most of you use a liquid makeup foundation but a powder one would really come in handy when you feel as if your face is too oily.

We know that it’s hard to find a resembling tone of makeup foundation and this is why we recommend you to buy two similar tones of makeup foundation– a darker one and a lighter one and blend them in such a manner that you obtain the appropriate color for your skin type. It’s not hard at all, see?