Airbrush Makeup: What You Need To Know


Airbrush makeup has become a popular wedding trend in recent years, and it’s not exactly difficult to understand why. The Hollywood makeup mainstay involves a makeup artist loading a small spray gun with specially-diluted pigment that results in a flawless, even finish. If you’re considering airbrush makeup for your upcoming nuptials, read on to discover whether it’s right for you.


Airbrush makeup lasts an astonishing 18 hours. Unlike traditional makeup, there’s no brush stroke lines to deal with, nor will you have to worry about it melting in the heat. What you do get is a budge-proof base that is totally and completely natural-looking. Nice, right?

Ideal Foundation And Blush

This makeup is ideal for foundation and blush, however quality “regular” makeup should be used for the eyes and lips. After all, do you really want a spray gun near your eyeballs or mouth?

Three Formulas

The wedding beauty option comes in three formulas: silicone, water, and alcohol-based makeup. Water-based formulas tend to look thicker on skin and can dry out the complexion, however they do offer a matte base. Alcohol formulas are generally reserved for special effects body painting…in other words, don’t use them on your face. If you have a tattoo you want to cover up, use alcohol-based airbrush makeup. Silicone formulas are considered the best options thanks to their dewy, light results. Such formulas are also more flexible, look and feel natural, and fill in fine lines and wrinkles.


Airbrush makeup isn’t exactly cheap, as it is about $30 to $60 more than traditional wedding makeup prices. It is therefore very much worth experimenting with your chosen makeup artist before you make a decision!

Find your perfect wedding makeup look, whether it’s airbrush makeup or not. Good luck and look beautiful on your wedding day.