How to create a nude bridal look

Every bride needs to understand that a nude wedding makeup will not make them look washed out or pale, but on the contrary it will help them emphasize the beauty of their natural skin tone. As you can see, these lines will offer you a few tips and tricks on how to create a nude bridal look, so that in the end you will look distinguished, ravishing and elegant.
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The lips

When creating nude lips you should know that you must add a splash of color. Although the color of the product used will be determined by your skin tone, you should remember that the key to a successful look is to brighten your lips.

How to create a nude bridal lookCredit

How to create a nude bridal look

Another important tip you should know is that for the pale skin a peachy pink color will work wonderfully, for olive skin tones, gold or caramel will be appropriate, whereas a dark skin will be best emphasized by a deep honey or light coffee color.

The skin

Because you are determined to expose a nude bridal look, as far as the skin goes, you will have to highlight your natural skin tone, and to emphasize your best facial features. As for the right blush, a trick you should do would be to pinch your cheeks and that will be the nuance you will have to use for your wedding makeup.

The eyes

The great advantage about nude eye makeup is that it conceals the dark circles and at the same time it adds color to your face. For your eye lids you will have to pick a color similar to that of your skin and then to apply it. But, if you want to have something more special, you could use the same colors you have applied on your lips. In this way, your eyes will be more expressive.

How to create a nude bridal lookCredit

How to create a nude bridal look

The nails

Last but not least, you should not forget about the wedding manicure. Nude nails will match your bridal look and will make you appear very sophisticated and glamorous. Also, if you love the natural color of your nails you will just have to apply a glossy coat and the look will be complete.

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