Dramatic makeup styles

Who said that the dramatic eyes should rely always on dark colors? Well, it isn’t in that way exactly, but it’s the main principle. We stumbled over some dramatic eyes that have at the basis colors like turquoise and purple and these look pretty great! So, use purple on the inferior eyelid and on the superior one towards the arcade area use turquoise.
<-336x280 Large Rectangle - center->
On the arcade and in the interior corner of the eye you may apply for adding a really light tone of eye shade. These create a really nice visual effect together and you must agree with this fact! On the superior eyelashes you can add multiple layers of mascara and make sure that the eye is highlighted pretty much. On the inferior eyelashes don’t add any layers of mascara, leave them just in the way they are.

Another suggestion would be only to play with purple. Start playing with the makeup brush on the superior eyelid and spread the hue all around the eye. On the arcade be sure not to add any dark shades and you know the rule, don’t you? Your eyes have to be luminous all the time! As in the previous dramatic makeup style with light colors we recommend you to add some extra layers of mascara only on the superior eyelashes.

For the lips in both cases we suggest you to wear pink lipstick that isn’t shimmering. This will go pretty great with the vibrant colors and you will definitely feel great wearing these makeup styles and combinations.

We finish with another dramatic makeup style that is based this time only on the usage of the black shade and eyeliner. Here’s what you have to do: take black eyeliner and begin contouring your eyes, you can also apply it on the line of the inferior eyelashes. On the superior eyelid we recommend you to use powder black eyeliner and use it just underneath the arcades.

You may also create the impression of cat eyes with a prolonged line that will finish somewhere at the final point of your eyebrows. This line that we’ve just mentioned above will make your eyes wider and bigger. Finish with adding extra layers of mascara on the superior and inferior eyelashes. This will bring extra effect to your eyes.

As foe the rest of the face we recommend you to use slight colors, towards nude. For the lips you may use a transparent lip balm and in the apples of your cheeks you may apply a slight tone of peach, but not too accentuated.