Makeup styles 2

As we promised, we’re back with the topic concerning the makeup styles and you’re definitely be an expert when it comes to making your eyes looking vibrant and really colored as to catch the attention of all those who surround you.

We start with a really fresh looking makeup style, which will be ideal for a divine sunny night in which you simply go out with the girls and want to attract the attention of handsome men. This makeup model is based on the usage of pink tones in lighter or darker nuances…. You need a pale pink in a lighter and brighter tone.

Apply the dark tone of pink on the entire upper eyelid continuing towards the exterior corner of your eyes and finish somewhere underneath the arcade area. Next you can apply the lighter tone of pink eye color and you use it on the arcade, just underneath the eyebrows and in the interior corner of your eyes towards the nose, and underneath the inferior eyelid towards the cheeks. This is quite a nice combination and you don’t need to use many eye shades.
<-336x280 Large Rectangle - center->
The next step is to take black liquid eyeliner and start applying a black and thin line, continuing towards the external corner of your eyes with a smooth line. Also you can add a thin line of such eyeliner on the external corner of the inferior corner of your eyes in order to make your eyes look bolder. Finish with some layers of mascara that will intensify your eyes more and more….

Here’s another nice makeup style which we hope you will apply for in the future time and mostly after you read this article.

This type of makeup is ideal for those who have green eyes and are red haired and you need a fine combination of an incandescent purple with a green tone as well. Take black eyeliner and begin highlighting your eyes in such a manner that they have a nice contour. The next phases consists in applying green eye color on the superior eye lid and on the inferior one apply for the purple tone that we’ve just mentioned about in the previous lines. Use the eye shades in such a way that they form an entire.

Let’s also specify that this type of eye makeup is ideal to be worn in the night time, while you’re out in town with the girls. What more could you ask for? Let’s also mention that you need some extra layers of mascara in order to highlight your eyes more than these incandescent colors do it. Did we convince you to use one of the makeup styles mentioned above? Well, we should have, because you definitely have to look great when you go out and the makeup is between the essential things in your physical aspect.