Colored spring make-up

The various suggestions for the spring make-up may have inspired you in a way or another. The one we’re going to speak about today uses lively colors and we had a previous discussion regarding it: use pastels for your eyes and highlight the beauty of your sight! Yes, you should remember….

This make-up highlights both the eyes and lips and if you feel really happy in a certain day you may confidently apply for it!

We start with the face: we suggest a make-up foundation stick with which you can freely play on your complexion surface! Get a close color to your natural one and place it in needing areas! From these areas start to spread on all the face, more accentuated on the dark eye circles. On the cheek bones be sure to apply a strong color, in order to create shades! You can do this with the help of powder or with another stick, which is in a rose or pink nuance!

The next step is regarding the eyes. Let’s see…. what can you do with your eyes? Well, you should apply for a duo creamy eye color! In this example there’s used a duo color based on yellow together with brown nuance. There’s the yellow nuance placed on the upper eyelid and the brown nuance on the down eyelid. But you can pick between other combinations: purple with blue, pistachio with brown, fade orange with ochre, or dark sand with fade orange.

You then apply some eye shadow in darker nuances than the ones used firstly. After this, make sure you use a glittery crayon all around the eye area! These strong combinations will make your eyes look voluptuous and really highlighted. The final step is to apply mascara! You can apply for brown or black mascara! It doesn’t matter, it only matters that you highlight your eyes!

The final touch is given to the lips! Apply for a lipstick that matches a little bit with the colors used on the cheeks. After you’ve done this, make sure that you use a semitransparent lip gloss that will make your lips shine and you’ll have a fresh and interesting touch.

We forgot to mention that you can also apply for a bronzing product, which will make you look pretty and great looking under the warm sun rays!