Different make-up products used on the complexion

We continue our series of make-up products. If it were for us we would buy all of the things we’ve presented up to this moment, but we want to pick only the necessary stuff and create a marvelous case that will help in the daily make-up and not only….

We start with a nicely looking cassette that has marvelous textures for eyes, cheeks and lips; all these three things in one compact format.

So here’s how you have 4 tones for eyes and for lip and just one for the cheeks, but it’s enough just the way it is. If you blend all of these nuances, be sure that you’ll create a great looking look and you can carry the cassette with you in order to freshen up your look every now and then. Here are the tones you can find in this case: haze, wisteria, midnight the jade and willow for the eyes, plum for the cheeks and also black currant, peach blossom, stone beige and lotus bloom for lips.

We continue with a product that has the role of a perfecter. This will help your eyes look great and clean and most of all it’s not expensive at all, you can afford it and it’s really effective. What’s the deal with this round cassette with cream?

Take some of this cosmetic and place it under the eyes on the areas that need to be hidden. For this thing you need only your fingertips and tap gently in order for the cream to penetrate your skin. Let’s also mention that you can apply this product before or after the make-up foundation. It’s a must have product and it can be used by no matter skin colors and textures.

And we were speaking the other days about mineral products that aren’t expensive at all. Well this is one of the products mentioned previously and it’s especially designed in order to cover your face in its middle area and confer it a perfect aspect. A natural glow will help you look healthy and good looking bright skin. These products have at the basis the Gemstone Complex that helps attract the light and your face skin will definitely be advantaged.

We remain in the illuminating colors area and we would like to present you a last product that is applied only on the eyes. This product has similar proprieties with the product mentioned above. Once you apply this product on your eyes you can be sure that it will remain there all day long. Also you can create marvelous chromatic games with the help of shades that produce contrasts and shades.

During the day time you can apply for a lighter color and simpler make-up and during the night time there’s the silver variant too, besides the golden one which was present up to now…. Decide on what products you like the most and you’ll create yourself a marvelous looking “look” for this spring.