Hazel eyes makeup 2

Do you have hazel eyes and want a makeup style that is out of the ordinary. Well, it seems that our first suggestion of makeup will be useful as well…. We start with giving you a piece of advice: if you want to look different with hazel eyes, you definitely have to apply for exotic eye shades in order to obtain this kind of look, use green hues, bright greens and let’s not forget about yellows. This is indeed the key for obtaining a fresh and rather extravagant makeup style.
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So take a yellow or bright green shade and begin adding it on the eyelids, both on the superior ones as the inferior (only on the external corner and a slight touch on the line of the eye lashes), you can continue with this shade of yellow towards the eyebrows and add over it a slight touch of white eye shade.

You can use this white or light eye shade in the interior corner of the eyes and on the exterior as well in order to confer luminosity to your eyes. The last thing is to add black eyeliner on the entire superior eyelid, on the line of the eye lashes and on the inferior one as well…. Did we convince you? Let’s also mention that for extra effect you can apply for multiple layers of mascara or even for fake eyelashes in the corners of your eyes.

We pass from an extreme to another…. From a different type of makeup style, one that makes you different from the others, we pass to a natural looking one that we think you’re going to appreciate when you first place your eyes on the picture.

Pink looks really great in combination with hazel eyes…. In case you have dark eye circles we totally recommend you to spread it around your eyes in order to create a nice visual effect. As for the pink eye shade we totally suggest you to apply it underneath the arcade and on the superior eyelid. Also, make sure that this shade is matte, because the effect created is much more interesting in this way.

Apply for a white and matter eye shadow and apply it slightly underneath the eyebrows and the effect created is divine. As for the mascara, don’t add too many layers, just one in order to highlight your pretty hazel eyes and maintain the same natural tone, you can also apply it on the inferior eyelids as well. Good luck in obtaining your natural makeup for hazel eyes, we’re sure that you’re going to succeed from trying only once, because it’s not hard at all, or is it?!