Perfect makeup

Have you always wanted to learn the tricks that make-up artists use to help to hide small defects on your eyes? For now you can try at home some of them for a successful makeup.

Blush colors

When you start a good eye makeup to have already prepared all the products you need to have them handy. What you should know is that the color tone that you will choose to be in harmony with the tone pupil.
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-For brown eyes Warm colors are suitable.Gold and chocolate shades are those who will make a splash at a party.

If you have green eyes, then the perfect colors are the cool colors such as gray, beige, blue, and the warm colors you choose should be purple or brown.

– Do you have blue eyes? Then go on pink, brown, gray, blue. You can try games like warm colors yellow, orange and cool colors like green outward.

Playing with shades and colors

Application of two shades of color on the eyelids may have surprising effects which can help you to give the impression of larger eyes or smaller, closer or farther, depending on the defect you want to hide.

-For increase eyes use makeup in bright colors on the bottom of the lid and closed up. In addition, apply mascara and lower eyelids and contour eyeliner pencil. If you want a quick makeup, use the eyeliner pencil only the outside corner of the eye.

-However, if you want to have smaller eyes, Go on dark and matte.

-To obtain close eye, apply a blush-colored on the outside corner of the eye and one from dark colors at the nose, to emphasize the latter.

-If you have close eyes you should use the colors seem more distant, shadow, to focus attention on the outside corner of the eye. In that area sort apply blush with a dark shade.

Also, to this information add some other that we’ve suggested throughout the time and please take into consideration your eye color, because it’s really important when it comes to makeup. Let’s not forget also that shades are really important too and how you apply them- you may end up with some great looking eyes if you know how to apply shades and not only!

Remember to read carefully our suggestions and you won’t have any questions in the future time. Depending on the occasion you attend and where you want to go you can realize a different type of makeup or another and with different colors as our topic shows it! Good luck in realizing a wonderful looking makeup!