A natural makeup will highlight your real beauty

As you could observe with your own eyes it’s not impossible to look sexy and natural in the same time. Indeed, you don’t need to use an extra amount of makeup products in order to look sensual and great looking in the same time. If you’re going to read carefully our pieces of advice this will be possible with a small amount of such products and we’re sure that you’re going to end up looking really gorgeous.

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We would like to continue with a natural look that involves highlighting the eyes in a very gorgeous manner and placing all the focus on these. You can do this as well, as long as you read carefully all the things that we’re saying here. So, you can apply for a really light color tone of makeup foundation in order for your eyes to pop out of the entire complexion.

The next step concerns the blush you use, which needs to have a really natural pink tone. As for the eyes, we recommend you to blend a white eye shadow with a peachy looking one together with black eyeliner and mascara. So here’s what you have to do: use the darker tone of eye shadow underneath the arcade and this will be the first step into having really bold eyes. The next phase is when you use black eyeliner on the superior eyelid and trace a really thin line with it. Use plenty of layers of mascara in the end and you’re going to see just how great you’re going to look!

Finish with adding on your lips a transparent lip balm or a really glossy lip gloss without any glitter in it, or even apply for using a coral colored lip gloss or lipstick. It always works!

The cat eye look can be realized also with a small amount of cosmetic products on your complexion. You may apply for using a light tone of makeup foundation on your face and let’s also mention that you can also use concealer in the internal corner of your eyes in order to accentuate the end more and more.

Here’s what you have to do: use black eyeliner in the external corner of your eyes, be it liquid or contour kohl and trace a thin line on the superior and on the inferior eyelids as well. Finish with adding mascara on both of the layers of eyelashes and we’re sure that you’re going to look amazing. As for the lips, we recommend you a peachy tone or something similar to it and make it matte in the same time.