Different makeup styles 3

Through a makeup or another you can focus all the attention on a certain area of your head or even the clothes that you’re wearing. For instance, you can accentuate your eyes more through the usage of a kooky eye shade or you can apply for highlighting only your voluptuous lips or even your hair. Such a makeup style is the one that we thought of presenting first!

So, in this one you emphasize the color of your hair. And how this can be possible? Through the usage of a certain eyeshade or the eyeliner. You can apply for a light makeup foundation, a small amount of blush in your cheeks and leave your lips nude and really natural.

The thing that accentuates your hair is the eye shade for which you can apply for. So, if you have dark hair you can use a really dark eyeshade in combination with eyeliner and mascara in the end. This will definitely create a nice visual effect and you can be sure of that.
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A great variant is for red hair. Use a green eye shade and yellow toned makeup foundation and this is the greatest combination that there can be with eye shades and red hair.

If you always want to look glamorous and to be ready for pictures taken then this means that this suggestion that we’ve got for you is the right one. You can have a really bronzed skin and you can emphasize it with an exotic color of lip gloss or lip stick. As for the eyes, we recommend you to highlight them with the help of eyeliner and different colors of eye shades. Keep in mind that this will help you to look glamorous all the time and you’re going to catch the eyes of those surrounding you all night long.

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The brows can remain the essential thing in one’s makeup if that person knows how to use this hint. Apply for using a light makeup foundation and highlight your brows with the help of contour kohl or even eye shades. Or, you can tattoo them and make them accentuated all the time. Keep in mind that if you highlight your eyebrows pretty much you have to be more discrete with the rest of your makeup.

different makeup styles 3 3

You have to accentuate your eyes, indeed but you can do it in a slight mode with the help of some eyeliner, a vague tone of eye shadow and mascara in the end. And the lips shouldn’t be omitted as well! These can be highlighted with the help of a shiny gloss without too much shimmer in it!