Gintage makeup styles

The vintage makeup style is adopted in our days as well and it’s really en vogue. Ok, it isn’t adopted entirely (only for haute couture shows, because you can’t go like this on the street). The modern woman has taken some elements from this type of makeup and we totally recommend her (you) to continue in this manner because well she does.

We start with a great style that is based on highlighting both the lips and the eyes. You’re going to like it as soon as we describe it to you and it’s definitely pretty well known to you.

We start with the basics: the makeup foundation should be really light in tone and it should give one the impression that you have porcelain face. We continue with the eyebrows, which were always painted and you can paint them or drag a line with the help of contour kohl which is in a warm tone and lighter than your natural hair color.
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The eyes are essential in this type of makeup as you definitely have to highlight them with the help of the eyeshade that you decide to use. This time we’re speaking of an eye shade that has brown tone, but it is also combined with a red tone in it. Take the brush and play with it around your eyes on the superior and on the inferior eyelid as well. As for the inferior eyelid we recommend you to trace a line with the help of brown contour kohl and this will definitely highlight your makeup better. Finish with a slight touch of mascara and you’re going to see just how great you look.

The lips need to look as if they’re freshly painted and you have to contour these perfectly. The lip stick that you use has to be shiny and it doesn’t need any shimmery elements in it, it’s enough to have a creamy texture.

Enough about the type of vintage makeup that we’ve suggested above, there are many other that need to be presented and that you have to take into consideration in case you want to attend a party or something like that.

For this makeup style we recommend you to use a natural tone of makeup foundation, which is very close to your natural one. In the cheeks use a blush that can’t be noticed that easy and with a beige tone. The eyebrows should be left natural as they are, and really skinny in the same time, without applying for the usage of contour kohl or to dye them.

The eyes are really expressive and you can apply for the usage of a natural tone of beige or brown on the upper eyelid and a really light eyeshade on the arcade area. On the inferior eyelids you need only to trace a line with the help of contour kohl exactly on the eyelashes line. Finish with adding extra layers of mascara on the superior eyelashes and you’re going to see just how great you’re going to look. Also, for the lips we recommend a classical red, scarlet or any other tone as long as it’s matte.