Evening makeup 2

We promised to continue our list of suggestions for evening makeup and we’ve got some other examples from which you can choose and make up your mind on one of these. We hope that you’ve enjoyed our previous makeup styles and that you like these as well….

We start with one that has at the basis combinations of warm tones of colors and that are really great in this combination. Use a makeup foundation that has a warm touch and the blush needs to be in the same way.

We continue with the eyes, because these are really important. Use a bright shimmering color tone that should be applied entirely on the superior eyelid. Next is the darker tone that needs to be applied from the middle side of your superior eyelid and continues towards the exterior corner with a really nice touch. Finish with adding mascara and you can be sure that you’re going to look absolutely divine.
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As for the lips, we recommend you to use a peachy or apricot tone in a very glossy texture and in such a manner that you confer you lips extra volume and the impression that these are really kissable and sensual.

Sometimes the lips are an essential element when it comes to a great looking makeup. Take some makeup foundation in a tone very similar to yours and use the blush with a rose tone. As for the lips, we recommend you to use a really glossy texture of dark red and highlight these in a gorgeous manner.

The eyes are really important as well. Use warm tones for them as well. Use a brown and dark eyeshade in combination with white one and some eyeliner next to the eyelashes and you’re going to see just how great all these go together. If you use a pair of false eyelashes be sure that the effect is guaranteed!

And we now we continue with dramatic eyes! These are good looking and show your face in a very pretty manner. Use a light tone of makeup foundation, very close to your natural color skin.

The eyes are the essential elements in this type of makeup style. You need to use dark tones of eyeshades and to be more precise you need grey in a dark and light tone. Start with applying eyeliner around your eyes and the dark tone of grey all around them and after use the lighter tone of eyeshade over the layer where you’ve applied this dark tone. Another thing that we need to mention concerns the usage of mascara. In this case, you need a lot of mascara that is more likely to be applied on the superior eyelashes.

Use for the lips a pink tone in a very creamy texture and that will surely make your lips look full and really pleasant in the same time.