Beautiful spring make-up

Spring has officially entered its role! Let’s embrace this wonderful season with fresh looks given by natural touches of make-up and a pinch of color here and there. We suggest an interesting make-up based on natural colors applied on the face, contoured lips, filled with life and underlined eyes with some mascara and eyeliner. This is what we recommend to you in the spring 2010. We’ll take these products step by step and we’re going to make some suggestions regarding them….

We start with the basic products that you can apply on the face. Obviously when you realize a make-up you should start with the make-up foundation. In this case we recommend concealers, which stick better on the surface of your face and there’s no need of applying a big quantity! Just place the stick concealer in the place you feel it’s necessary and after this start to spread it on the face! What nuances do we recommend for this product?

Well, here are some nuances that match perfectly with this special season: ivory, honey, beige and ocher. As you can see, these are light nuances; these enlighten your face and give you a fresh touch! After all, that’s how it should be, because spring symbolizes revival of the nature.

The next step for the face is to use a touch of color on your cheeks. You can use a dual product (with two different pink or brown nuances), blend the darkest nuance with the lightest one and create a nice combination that will be eventually placed on your cheeks in order to give you the color you need.

We’re going to talk now about the eyes. Let’s see what you can do with your eyes? Take cream eyeliner and make nice contour to the upper eyelids. But before you do this, make sure that you’ve given a touch of color to your eyes. And how you can do that? The answer: with the help of some eye color put with a little sponge or a brush underneath the arcade or on the entire eyelid.

Pick fresh nuances for your eye colors, and we owe you some suggestions: ivory, beige, different variations of blue, purple, light green or warm brown. Don’t be afraid of using them!

O.k, you’ve used the eye color. The next step is the cream eyeliner in black nuance. Make a stripe on the superior eyelid and after this use the mascara in black also! You’ll see your eyes in another light now.

The next step is for the lips. Highlight them with a beautiful red nuance. Make them voluptuous by using a lip liner pencil and after apply the intense lipstick that can be in different variations of red( darker or lighter) or a mixture of peach color with a touch of pink here and there….