Make-up accessories for the eyes

Continuing our must-have list of accessories we recommend you ladies to pay attention and take into consideration some other products, which surely aren’t expensive at all! This time we’re going to have to do only with products regarding the eyes….

The first product we want to talk about is the eyelash curler! Everybody has problems with the lashes when it comes to being curled. So here you have the solution: this wonderful product that has a silicone pad with the role of protection and curling them. You may say that it won’t suit your eye shape! Be calm, because it has a curved form in order to fit all eyes! This product will be easy to use and it suits perfectly your hand.

You can buy also every now and then a pair of fake eye lashes. These will be perfect for special occasion making your eyes look great and these aren’t difficult to apply. These have multiple layers of brown and black combinations and will offer you a delicate and natural look in the same time. Let’s not mention also that you’ll obtain the volume you wanted. This example was for those that don’t want to get out of the ordinary part, but there are also interesting models too….

We continue with a model that denotes colors, many colors…. These are composed of multiple color wires that create the aspect of a rainbow! We recommend this pair of fake eyelashes for those that feel young every time and want to impress with a funky and interesting aspect! It is quite interesting as a model, but it can’t be used in an elegant ambiance.

Here’s an accessory you would certainly need if you intend on using fake eyelashes. We’re talking about the eyelash applicator, which is stainless and it has a unique curve in the upper side in order to hold lashes in the position you want so that you easily apply them. You certainly need such an accessory, it may cost more than a pair of fake eyelashes but it’s worth it!

So the final accessory you may want to have is the eyelash adhesive! This glue helps your eyelashes stay still and it also assures you that you will remove them properly. Another aspect regards those that wear contact lens…. don’t worry you won’t encounter any problems as long as you use this accessory!

No one says that you necessarily need a pair of fake eyelashes, but the curler is definitely a must have product, because it makes your eyelashes look greater. Those fake products may get you some threads of hair lost if you don’t know how to apply them; in this case you can go to a cosmetics salon and pay some extra bucks and you’ll be sure that you’ll look as before applying the fake eyelashes.