Haute couture makeup styles 2

Sometimes the eyes are the central piece when it comes to the haute couture makeup styles and here’s how we stumbled over some other interesting models that we’re sure that you’re going to like to read about. Let’s also mention that some of these don’t relate only to the great look of the eyes and that you’re going to look pretty nice with them on.

We start with a makeup style that involves the usage of bright colors all around your eyes: starting from the upper eyelid to the inferior one and continuing more and more towards the eyebrows.

Let’s mention that you can use lighter tones of eye shade, related to the color that you’ve decided to use in this case. You can highlight your eyes in the interior corner with the help of eyeliner and use also false eye lashes on the superior side of the eyes. This is indeed a great combination of elements and this type of makeup, although haute couture, it isn’t hard to be realized.

Blending colors and very bright ones is an essential thing when it comes to haute couture makeup. In this case there’s some tan involved and the colors used are different and maybe in contrast sometimes, this creates a nice visual effect and you can be sure that you’re going to look great with it on. Another thing that needs to be mentioned is the fact that you can apply for false eyelashes and the colors that you use on your eyes should be matte.

Smoky eyes are used as well in the haute couture makeup and the lips are highlighted vaguely. The colors used in this type of makeup are really dark and there are a lot of combinations of different shades in really dark tones. Also, the brows are focused with the help of a crayon or these are some times painted with the help of a dark dye and their shape is changed definitely. You can definitely realize such a makeup style and you can be sure that you’re going to end up looking similar, because it isn’t that hard to be realized.

There’s also a tendency towards exaggeration and some times the eyes are really highlighted and all the attention is captured by these. So, there’s the usage of the dark eye shadows and let’s mention that there are used matte colors and in combination with light tones in the interior corners of the eyes. Think of the amount of eye shadow that you have to use for ending up with such eyes!